The Plan of God

The meta-narrative is really important. We begin in a garden and end in a city on purpose. It's all on purpose. We hope this "heaven's eye" view of things is helpful.

The Bible

The Bible is the Word of God to his people. It's the story of God's work in the world. It's sharper than any two-edged sword. These slides are a simple introduction.

The Promised Land

These slides build from Joshua through the various events and voices of judgment and promise that is brought by way of the judges, and the establishment of the kings.

The Prophets

God's word is always constant in its covenant promise. We are the ones who run away in the face of prosperity, become callous in the normalcy, and disbelieve in the suffering. The prophets call is to account. We start with an introduction that takes us through the whole period. It's followed by a collection of prophets.

Jewish Festivals

The Jewish feast days are so interesting to learn about and pair up with how God used them as an instrument to instill the stories of his work and point forward to the fulfillment of that work in Jesus Christ. We think you'll encounter a few surprises along the way. We hope so.


Proverbs are concise, witty and even stinging sayings that reflect on life. In faith terms they help to bring out wisdom based upon belief in God.


Paul's book to the Colossian church has a main theme: Christ is Lord over everything. He has secured redemption, enabling us to participate in his death and resurrection. (1:13-14)

Gospel of Jesus

Here's an introduction to the four Gospels followed by a creative outlining exercise from Luke 9 through the end of his Gospel. Why Luke 9? We see that Jesus turns and begins a long journey to Jerusalem. We hope you enjoy this section. It is different. Let us know if you have questions. We have an answer key, sort of.


Theodicy is a word that means God’s justice in light of our suffering. The book of Job answers the question of how can the justice of God be defended in the face of evil, even more the suffering of the innocent? It’s not without a struggle, but the end is a confidence that we know our redeemer lives!


Acts provides us the continuation of Luke's Gospel. What happens in those early days of coming together and learning more fully what Jesus meant by taking his message to the ends of the earth? What can we learn about the sacrifices the Apostles and the early church made due to the overwhelming evidence of Jesus' bodily resurrection?

Synod of Dort

In 1618, the Synod of Dort made the significant step to push forward the doctrines of the Reformed faith and push away the contrary doctrines of freewill and choice. What's the Synod's significance? Why didn't they completely dismiss the contrary ideas, or did they? Where do you fall into belief?


Solomon comes from a pretty rocky background - dad being David and his mom being Bathsheba. Yet, the Lord names him Jedidiah at his birth, meaning "the one the Lord loves." We see his hunt for the purpose of life in Ecclesiastes, winding through vanity and more vanity until he's broken at the Truth of God's love again, where his life started.